Kind and gentle Mother-to-Be
Come and sit a while with me,
And talk of how it soon will be
When the child becomes reality.

Sweet and tiny bundle of joy,
Much more fragile than a toy.
And whether its a girl or boy,
It's yours for life, yours to enjoy.

Gift from God, yet made by man,
It's all part of the master plan.
He's yours to guide as best you can.
His future lies within your hands.

Teach him love and kindness,
Teach him right from wrong.
Teach him that he's special.
Let him feel that he belongs.

Let him know that you are proud
Of the things that he achieves.
And let him know that it's alright
To stand up for his beliefs.

And as the years pass by you,
I'm sure that you will find
That the child has become an honest man,
And he'll bring you peace of mind.

Wilma C. Hewett

Copyright 1995