Never feel sorry for having loved me;
For loving is the most healthy and natural thing in the world.

Let us not regret that we provided sanctity and comfort to
one another in our private time of need. 

There is no shame in two human beings caring for each other.

For love and friendship are the greatest gifts we can exchange.

One should never regret the opportunity to have loved.

In the times when you are happy, remember my smile and
the sound of my laughter.

And, when you are lonely, remember the feel of my arms around you.

When you need a friend, remember that I tried to understand.

Remember the feel of my fingertips against your cheek.

And, please, never forget that I loved you too.

Not a moment was in vain.

And, when you feel like lifting your glass in cheer,

be sure to toast "To old friends long unseen".

And know that for every time you are reminded of me.....

I will think of you as well.

Wilma C. Hewett

July 14, 1948-June 19, 1994